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| Author: Dele Oke

How to teach or preach? - short version

- How to preach or communicate.

This document has been summarized for easy reading.
How to preach - Overview

1. Prayerfully select your material.

2. Note down the main truths you will be sharing preferably not more than 3 to 5.
For example: I will be speaking on
- What does it mean to tithe?
- How did tithing start?
- Where should our tithes go?

3. Have clear objectives for your preach.
For example:
By the end of this talk you should understand why and how to tithe.

4. Have clear expectations of what effect you expect the preach to have on people?s life.
For example: You may be expecting and praying that people will start tithing regularly.

5. Get excited about what you have to share.
For example:
Share how tithing has brought blessings into your life.
An ounce of excitement is worth a pound of repetition. If you are excited by what you are sharing people will grasp your excitement.

6. Start your preach by telling people what you are going to say
For example:
I am going to show you how tithing can bring provision for God?s work and blessings to you.

7. Tell them what to expect
For example:
Expect to find out how you can become an active share holder in the Kingdom of God.

8. Use testimonies where applicable. Make your preach relevant to your audience.

9. Do not insist on finishing all your material if time runs out.

10. Keep eye contact with your audience when speaking. It will help you to assess the impact your talk is having.

11. Try and keep to the time allocated to you.

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