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Salvation Bridge

Picture in your mind a bridge that is so long that it spans all of eternity, but this bridge, some travelers think, has very low sides. This bridge is called "Salvation."

There are some who believe that as travelers on this Bridge of Salvation, they can fall over stones of low spirituality, the temptation of changing one's mind, "I have no more faith," etc., consequently, causing them to fall into the ocean below.

This traveler does not believe the sides of "salvation Bridge" are high enough to keep him secure.

The Designer's Blueprints show the bridge to be well constructed with very high sides to protect those travelers on it. Thus far, this traveler cannot perceive it's height.

He knows the Designer built a wonderful bridge, and he is very grateful, but he believes his safety depends on how carefully he walks amidst the stones and how firmly firmly he plants his feet against the winds of "self, the world and Satan."

The blueprints show that the word peace is written all over the walls and road of Salvation Bridge. This traveler has very little peace though because he knows the odds of his own strength against such strong winds, in addition to the the thought that the sides are very low. In the midst of his fears he perceives that he might accidentally fall into (Hell) the treacherous ocean below.

The road is long, and hazy, torturous thoughts (soon they become unquestionable) come to him that eventually he could be enticed to turn aside from his journey, toward the beautiful city of God.

The Designer understood the many stones that would be scattered across the road. He also knew the stones would not seem so rough as long as the traveler had a heart of of praise, and kept his eyes on the Designer of the Blueprint.

The Designer knew how to build a bridge that would take one safely to his destination. He is well known for His good work, and He had the welfare of traveler in mind when He built such a bridge.

There are other travelers on this bridge who find it impossible to fall or jump into the ocean below. No winds can cause them to fall below; therefore, what others see as strong winds to lose one's footing become, for them, only obstacles that make the way rough, the trying of faith, that produces much growth.

These travelers believe their Heavenly Father, The designer and Builder, in wisdom, constructed a "Covered Bridge."

The father takes a man's faith in Jesus and welds it to His own grace and with this material, He makes a road through a Covered Bridge to Himself and heaven that spans all eternity.

A believer who doesn't praise God in all things, can stumble over stones of self, the world, and Satan, but he will not, nor can he, fall into hell. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are there to protect him.

God's ability is greater than man's responsibilty!

*Read 1 Peter 1:5; 1 Thess. 5:23-24; John 10:25-30; Romans 5: 6-10; Phil. 1:6; John 6: 37-40.
*God's plan to save sinners throughout all eternity.

In Christ,
Doris Niswonger (