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| Author: Dele Oke

Establishing your heart

Establishing your heart takes a process of time. It involves a conscious effort on our part. An established heart is one rooted and grounded in the things of God. A person who has invested time with God in the Word and prayer receives an inner strength from the Holy Spirit that neither time nor circumstances can weaken.

It takes a person with an established heart to fulfil God's purpose. Noah was preparing for rain (Genesis 6 & 7) despite the fact that it had never rained before. Yet Noah preached about the coming rain (2 Peter 2:5).

Noah was preparing for a flood he knew nothing about but by faith. His faith in God kept him from going. His heart was established. It takes an established heart to preach about a revival that has never been seen before.

The disciples of Jesus prepared for revival (Acts 1 & 2) They waited for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit had never been poured out in this way before, yet they waited for what they did not know about. Their faith kept them waiting. Their hearts were established on God.

Are you waiting for God to do something in your life. Make sure you are spending the time waiting in establishing your heart. Being patient does not mean doing nothing, it requires establishing our hearts on God and filling them with faith. Its possible to faithfully waiting and yet not be filled with faith.

Zacharias and Elizabeth were faithful in all the things of God (Luke 1:6) but their hearts were not full of faith. This prevented Zacharias from receiving the word of God from the angel (Luke :11-20). Here was Zacharias being given a promise from God by angelic delivery. This was a gift of a child he had so longed and prayed for, yet he found it hard to receive.

Only an established heart can break the chains of doubt and unbelief that binds us. Despite the fact that we believe in the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, the attacks of Satan on the church and on our life can still take away our faith and expectation in God's ability to move.

We need to cry out like the Father of the child

" immediately the Father of the child cried out and said with tears " Lord I believe : help my unbelief!" Mark 9:24
How often do faith and unbelief take residence together in our hearts. The unbelief holds on so tight and nothing seems to loose its grip. Before we know it we are confessing unbelief and denying faith.

The man in Mark 9:24 found a release from his unbelief when he admitted his unbelief and cried out for help Jesus forgives and restores those that repent.

Establishing our hearts means soaking ourselves in His presence. Reading His word and discerning the lies that Satan speaks to our hearts. Rejecting those lies, admitting we have unbelief in us and crying out in prayer for God to help us.