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Published / updated: 07 July 2007 | Author: Dele Oke

Five questions that God asked man.

1. Where are you? Genesis 3:9

Adam and Eve hid behind the tree. They had heard the familiar sound of God. Unlike all other times they were not looking forward to meeting Him this evening. Explaining away their disobedience seemed too tedious a task. Avoiding the discussion looked a much easier option. It had been Eve?s idea to eat the fruit. Now it was Adam?s idea to hide.

Men are still good at avoiding the issue today. Rather than face an argument they will rather make for the nearest tree. This could be a friend, a quiet room or an impromptu stroll down a busy street.

Avoiding the issue will never settle it. Things hid under the carpet have an annoying way of revealing themselves when least expected.

Where are you? Come out and speak to me, God was saying. We need to talk.
Communication may sometimes feel painful but it is needful.

2. Who told you that you were naked? Genesis 3:11

Adam and Eve probably did not realise before this question why the reality of their nakedness had suddenly dawned on them. God?s question exposed them to the root of their problem.

We should never assume we know the reason for our problem. This is especially the case in marriage relationships. A man comes home late and meets an angry wife. He assumes her annoyance is due to his late arrival. This slightly irritates him because he had no intention of being late in the first place. Circumstances were beyond his control. Tension rapidly develops in the home because both partners consider themselves in the right.

The fact is his wife is angry not because he is late but because he did not phone. Her anger is fuelled by his inability to appreciate her concern. If only he had not assumed he knew the reason for her anger, he would have been in a better position to explain his situation.

Never assume, always confirm and listen.

3. What is this you have done? Genesis 3:13

God did not ask Eve why she ate the fruit but what she had done. This was the first question posed to the woman.

Not all actions have a logical reason. How many men have found this a puzzle? Sometimes we human beings just do things. Sometimes we just don?t feel like talking. There is no logical reason. However, the consequences of our actions should help us in restricting them. We cannot do all the things we feel like doing. If Eve had considered the consequences of her action she would have never done it.

Not all our actions have logical explanations. But most of our actions do have consequences. Consider the implications of your actions in advance.

4. Why are you angry? Genesis 4:6

Cain was furious. Abel, his younger brother had just received all the praise and adoration during the last sacrifice.

We all have emotions. But God has also given us a will. Your will is your brake. Cars have brakes. You press them down when you want to stop. God was telling Cain to press the brake but he refused to listen.

There is nothing wrong with showing emotions. But our emotions were never meant to rule us. We all need to take a step back and judge ourselves.

A child is ruled by his or her emotions while a mature person (notice I did not say adult) is ruled by his or her will. You can bring your will in line with the will of God.

Only heaven knows how many relationships have been ruined because of a few minutes of uncontrolled emotions.

5. Where is Abel your brother? Genesis 4:9

When things go wrong there is only one way to put them right.
Acknowledge and accept your fault. Confess your faults one to another.

Cain blatantly refused to do this. Notice the harsh judgement that fell on him.
Never let pride ruin your relationship.

Most people will respond to an honest apology. Feeble excuses only make matters worst.

Own up to your mistakes. This does not mean you will not face the consequences but it can save the relationship.

Dele Oke
Living Word Library
9 June 2003