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| Author: Dele Oke

Calming the storm

Matthew 8:23 -27, Mark 4:35 -41, Luke 8:22
The gospel of Matthew and Mark gives the impression that this event took
place after a long day of teaching.

Jesus had told his disciples to go across to the other side prior to falling asleep in the boat. He had given them a command. After a day of teaching, He gave them a word to follow. I believe Jesus expected them to act on that word by faith. We need faith to use the promises of Jesus.

When the storm arose Jesus was sleeping. Or so the disciples thought.
However Jesus' word to them was not sleeping nor should their faith had been. It must have been hard for the disciples to comprehend how Jesus could be so close to them, yet the destruction seemed to be working unabated. Jesus did not seem to care. It took a team of frightened disciples to bring Jesus' attention to the storm. Or so they thought.

They woke Jesus out of fear not of faith. This is evident as they express their surprise at His rebuking the storm. Jesus did what they could have done. His reaction to the storm was a word of faith. The disciples reaction to the storm was a fit of fear.

What is your reaction to the storms of life?

Jesus had promised that he will always be with us and never leave us (Matthew 28:20), yet sometimes it seems that destruction is closer to us than Jesus. This is not true. When Jesus said he would be with us he meant it.

Jesus explanation of the situation was that their "little faith" had hindered them (Matthew 8:26). They could have rebuked the storm.

Are you standing in faith against the storms that rage in your life. Faith comes by hearing the word. The disciples of Jesus proved that you need to hear it more than once to grow in faith.

Lets not lose our trust in Jesus. Despite the storms, he is still with you. If you are desperate go to Him in prayer and call upon his abundant grace. But once this immediate storm dies down, spend time in the word to find out about the authority that is yours to use. Then start speaking the Word of faith against the storms of life. Bring a smile to Jesus face.


1. What was the last word Jesus said to his disciples before the storm ?
Mark 4:35

2. What is Jesus promise to you about the storms of life ?

3. How can we prevent ourselves from "sinking" ?

4. Why do you think Jesus was able to sleep so calmly through the storm?

5. Do circumstances react to the Word of God ?

6. How can we speak God's word with authority ?