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| Author: Dele Oke

Demonized man

Matthew 8:28 -34, Mark 5:1 - 20, Luke 8:26 - 38

Matthews account mentions two men coming from the tomb to meet Jesus while Mark and Luke mention one. Mark and Luke could have been concentrating on the man who was most vocal.

The man had an evil spirit and lived in the tombs. Evil and death always go together. He was violent and not even chains could bind him. Often the evil within people causes them to chose or live in an environment condusive for evil. We still find this today in the strange material and pictures in certain homes of people that knowingly or even unknowingly entertain evil.

How much more should we as Christians cherish an environment condusive to worshipping our God. It should be a worrying situation when Christians lose interest in Christian gatherings (Hebrews 10:19-25)

Jesus had told the evil spirit to leave the man (Mark 5:8, Luke 8:29) and sent it out of the area (Mark 5:10). Jesus then asked the demon's name (Mark 5:9, Luke 8:30). This is one of the few occasions where Jesus asked the name of a demon.

Although Jesus ministered in a variety of ways to different people there were some things common in all his ministry. He was not in the habit of asking demons names when casting them out, something those involved in the deliverance ministry today could note.

The demon's name was Legion because there were many of them in the man. (Mark 5:9) The one speaking seemed to be the legion in charge. They were eager not to leave the area (Mark 510)

It is a known fact that demons (evil spirits) within people can affect the people and environment around them. Many broke and abandoned Christian fellowships are caused by the activities of demons working through people (James 3:13-16). This is true of marriages and not just marriages of non Christians.

Its interesting to note that a big storm had earlier attempted to stop Jesus from arriving at this place (Mark 4:35-41, Luke 8:22-25, Matthew 8:23-27) It would be a big over sight for us not to credit this violent reaction of nature to the arrival of Jesus into this demon controlled area to the evil spirits. They had set out early to try and prevent the arrival of Jesus.

Many times we find the oppression and attack of satan coming against us as we set to serve God. Often we can't figure out why satan and his host of evil are so upset. Just living a life pleasing to God upsets satan and estroys his works, often in ways we are not aware about. How often have you blamed God or even your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ for the storms of life besetting you when it's really the host of darkness in the background trying to knock you off the right path.

The demos pleaded to be sent into the swine and Jesus allowed them.
Jesus always spoke with authority. No evil could resist him By his word
of power He disposed of evil.

Why Jesus allowed the demons into the swine we shall never know. Some people lost a lot of money that day. No wonder they asked Jesus to leave (Mark 5:17).

The fact that all the pigs ran into the lake shows the violent behaviour of all the demons in the man. The man later became a witness for Jesus.

If we are going to be an effective witness for Jesus we will need to walk in the authority He has given us. Lets not be unaware of the tricks of the enemy.


1.Why do you think the demonised man lived in the tombs?

2.Why should we fellowship with other Christians ? Hebrews 10:19-25

3.Can several demons live in one person ?

4.How can we discern the activities of demons in our homes and churches ? James 3:13-16

5.What do we need to deal with demons ?

6.Should we be afraid of demons ?