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| Author: Dele Oke

Two blind men and dumb demonised man

Matthew 9: 27 - 34

Jesus had just finished raising a girl up from the dead (Matthew 9:23-26) and as he was moving on two blind men came following him calling out for mercy. Maybe they had heard about His last miracle and had figured out that he would be able to heal them.

Jesus waited until he had got in doors before attending to them. I'm sure this was not because he was afraid of praying for people in public. Jesus allowed the blind men to follow Him for a while calling out for mercy. In other words, the blind men had to wait for their healing.

Why does Jesus sometimes make us wait ?

There are several reasons and these vary for different individuals. Waiting on Jesus builds up our faith. Make sure that any period of waiting in your life is spent focussing on Jesus When Jesus got into the house , He checked the men's faith before doing anything.

"Do you believe that I am able to do this ? verse 28

I believe Jesus asked this question for two reason, firstly to make sure their actions were based on faith and secondly to get them to make a good confession (Romans 10:10) .

What we confess with our mouth produces faith (or doubt, if it is a negative confession) in our heart. Jesus touched them and they were healed.

As they were going out a demonised man was brought to Jesus. He did not have to wait before Jesus answered him. Jesus drove the demon out and the man spoke. Jesus will not allow us to wait once we come to him if it is not necessary. It is important that we have our hearts right and filled with faith so that we don't make ourselves wait.

In further miracles and healings of Jesus we will also look at grace. Their times when we cannot reach out in faith and Jesus still heals us by his grace. This type of healing requires no action on our part. Many demonised people in there were healed in this way.

Some people who are greatly oppressed by demons cannot think straight and are not in a position to reach out in faith. They need someone else's faith and God's grace is sufficient to get them healed.

There are also times when God will move in a sovereign way and despite all the doubts and lack of faith around, He will move to get people healed, saved and delivered.

The sovereign acts of God are open to those who He chooses to touch in that way. They are not as numerous as His supernatural acts.

The supernatural acts of God are open to all who reach out in faith.
The more we reach out in faith the more of the supernatural acts of God we will see.


1. Why do we sometimes have to wait before receiving from Jesus?

2. What is the importance of a confession of faith?

3. Is faith also required to receive from God?

4. Did the demonised man have faith ?

5. What is the difference between a sovereign act of God and a supernatural act of God?