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| Author: Dele Oke

Gift of healings and simple faith

The Gift of healing and using faith to receive healing

1 Corinthians 12 teaches about the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. One of these gifts are the gift of healing

People can be healed by reaching out in faith or by the gift of healing. Jesus demonstrated both. Our faith receives from God. Jesus would go up to a person and pray the simple prayer of faith and get the person healed.

Other times the people themselves would have faith to receive from God and Jesus would make it clear that their faith healed them.

Other times the gift of healings would be present and all the people would be healed (Luke 4:40-43 , Matthew 12 25)

The gift of healing is like God pouring out his anointing to heal before people reach out in faith. Anyone present at the time who wants healing and reaches out in faith receives it. Whereas using our faith for healing is reaching out to God and receiving what is otherwise not available until we have asked for it. To put all this into two simple statements.

- The gift of healing is like walking into a room and taking what God has already put on the table.

- Receiving healing by simple faith is like walking into a room and asking God to put something on the table for you. You know God wants to give it to you, we just have to ask. Both methods are effective ways of receiving our healing from God.