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| Author: Dele Oke

Jesus walks on water

Matthew 14:22-36, Mark 6:45-46, John 6:16-24

Matthew gives a fuller account of this story and records Peter walking on water with Jesus. Marks account however tells us the reason why Jesus walked on water (Mark 6:51-52).

The feeding of 5,000 which had taken place during the day had gone "unnoticed" by the disciples because of their "hardened heart". Obviously they had witnessed the miracles but had not appreciated it nor recognised the significance of the deed. Jesus walking on water had finally caught their attention.

Has Jesus caught your attention yet or are your still untouched by His goodness and mercy in your life.

Peter walked on water at the word of Jesus (Matthew 14:29). This was not blind faith but faith based on a specific word of Jesus. God's word and promise to us is sufficient to see us as long as we keep our eyes on the giver of the word. When we focus on the storm it causes us to sink.

This specific word to Peter (Matthew 14:29) came at the request of Peter to do a specific walk of faith. God's written word is of great value to us and will take us through the storms of life. There will be times when you need to step out in faith to do something. Its always important to ask the Lord before doing so.

I may not need to ask the Lord if His desire for me is to be healthy, because I know that is in His will and Word already. But I would need to ask the Lord who I should marry, because although I know it is His will for me to marry, I still need to know the specific person.


1. Why did Jesus walk on water ?

2. What was Jesus doing prior to walking on water? Matthew 14:23

3. How important is prayer to faith?

4. What made Peter desire to walk on water ?

5. Why did he begin to sink?

6. How was He saved from sinking?

7. How can we prevent sinking in the storms of life?