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| Author: Elizabeth-Ann Horsford

Complete as one - about the author

It was Monday morning and I had been away on a weekend mission. In my weariness I momentarily lost the thread of his story. I sheepishly said, ?I?m sorry, but remind me who you said this woman was??
?She?s the one I have invited to join the team.?
I?m not sure whether my face betrayed me, but I started slightly inside at the thought of some kind of classy actress joining our ranks. I was about to ask Peter if he was certain she was a Christian, when he divulged some further helpful information.

?She was Vice Principal of a Missionary Training College here and had worked with several organizations, including the Navigators, in different countries.? He leaned back in his creaky chair and expressed satisfaction with the situation on three counts. ?I am sure the Lord is in this. She will bring alot of new gifts into the team. You and Sue will enjoy working with her.?

He was right. Elizabeth-Ann joined us and God has used her ministry in a powerful way which continues to develop across Britain and in other countries. Her successful seminars, conferences and numerous speaking engagements,have touched many lives. lam not surprised to see a publisher now bringing her ministry to a wider public.

This book is a must for anyone - single or married. I wish! had read it when I was single; I?m glad I have read it as a married man. The great thing about Elizabeth-Ann?s writing is that it is honest and realistic, as well as spiritual and biblical. She understands the gamut of feelings we experience and can lead us from that point to where we need to be - not dominated by feelings but giving priority to God?s blue-print for our attitudes and lifestyle.

Every Christian person should read this book because its underlying message is the secret of a fulfilled life for any Christian, whatever their situation. Understanding and living with yourself, trusting the God who is in control of your circumstances, having the wisdom to avoid being conned by the traps of today?s social environment, and being decided to keep your mind on a course which is in line with what God wants ? these are all vital to us. Too often this quality of life eludes us and we are then less than we could be.
by Max Sinclair

My boss had just returned from
another speaking tour in the USA. We were sitting in his small office at Hildenborough Hall over coffee.
?She started out life in the theatre.?
?Oh! really,? I said.

?And was a debutante too,? Peter added.

Elizabeth-Ann?s understanding, sympathetic and yet determined approach is exactly the recipe most of us need - because it is, in fact, Jesus?s approach.

I always find I can take advice, spiritual counsel and practical hints fairly easily from people who practise what they preach. This is probably one of the most compelling things about the book for me personally. I have worked in a team with Elizabeth-Ann for more than five years. Without doubt she is one of the most fulfilled people I know.

Max Sinclair
May 1987

The book - Complete as one is, no longer in print. If there is enough interest we might be able to publish again. Please direct your comments on the extracts from the book here to the author - Elizabeth-Ann Horsford

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