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New Me

Don't look for "old me"
who used to dwell in sin,
For "old me" moved out
when "new me" entered in.
This earthly form could not house
two natures within its' walls,
So "old me" had to leave
when "new me " heard God"s call.
"New me" won't go in
the places "old me was found,
For "new me" serves a king
no longer by Satan bound.
Never will you hear
the words "old me" used to say,
For "new me" has learned to speak
In a new Godly way.
"New me" won't be listening
to the all night party band,
for "old me" is not here
and "new me" for God will stand.
"old me" used to sing
in old places all night long,
Praise God- throught the Blood
"new me" has a new song.
"new me" doesn't laugh
and sneer at God's man,
"old me" used to:
"old me" didn't understand.
"Old me" moved away
and left no forwarding address,
"New me" has a new goal
for the high mark on to press.
"New me" now lives here
a new name is on the door,
So there's no need to search
for "old me" anymore.

D. L. Tate 1991