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Ever Get Discouraged?

Introduce division and strife among the churches and they'll invent something like promise-keepers or these new City wide Worship Events and restore a sense of unity. Divide them and they multiply; create strive and they make peace.

And they've got money - lots of money! They give Billions every week! That's B as in Billions, and W as in every week. Christianity is the largest single economic enterprise in the world, dwarfing pip-squeak outfits like General motors. Millions of them give 10% of their income every week. It adds up! Just think if non-believers were that committed.

And they support a zillion different enterprises: Colleges and universities to train millions of their youth, radio programs up and down the dial - even entire radio stations now, and they sponsor TV programs, bookstores, publishing houses, seminars, training programs, and even have their own full line Christian music. I tell you, its discouraging for us non-believers at times.

As soon as our side gets hold of a new medium, Christians come running along second and swamp us with their Christian message. Look what they did with books, and radio, and TV. My goodness, who knows what they'll do on the Internet!

We do have one advantage. Christians are easy to get off track. But the discouraging thing is, once we've got them sidetracked, a whole new wave comes along and gets the church back on track -- its as if there is an invisible spirit of some sort correcting and guiding them. It's discouraging, I tell you!

How do we crush these Christians out of existence? It's hard to do, I tell you. Rome couldn't do it. The dark ages didn't do it. State religion didn't do it. Darwin couldn't either. Rationalism couldn't. Neither could liberalism, communism, socialism, democracy, nor even modernity. You can't tax them into oblivion, or legislate them out of existence. And if you ignore them, they won't go away. I tell you they're hard to beat!

Divide them and they'll unify, beat them down and they pop back up. Create strife and they make peace. Criticize them and they listen with a smile, hate them and they love you back. Take their coat and they'll give you their cloak too. Persecute them and they'll multiply, arrest them and they witness to you, beat them and they sing, kill them and they simply go to heaven! I tell you, you can't beat them!

Since you can't beat them... why not join them?"