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Revival in Pensacola

Craig A. Howell

Our revival began on Fathers Day in June of 1995, however the real beginning of this mighty outpouring started right around the corner from you. American missionary/evangelist Steve Hill read an article in Time magazine that captured his attention.

In bold print the title of the article said "Holy Spirit Falls In London". This captivated his attention and the next time he traveled from Texas to Russia he made a detour through England.

He was able to get an appointment with Pastor Sandy Millar of Holy Trinity Brompton, next to Herrods, on Wednesday January 19, 1995. At 3:00pm Steve arrived at the church, upon entering he found a prayer service in progress.

He related to us that he had to walk over about a hundred bodies to get down front to Pastor Sandy. Pastor Sandy apologized for not being ready for their meeting but Steve said it wasn't important, he didn't need to talk "just pray for me".

Brother Steve said it was the most powerful thing he ever experienced. After spending twenty minutes on the floor he got up, found another couple that was praying and got more. In Steve's own words "I was like a kid in "Toys R Us".

Steve Hill has long been friends with our Pastor. Our church has regularly supported his family in their missions work for many years. Pastor Kilpatrick, our pastor, after receiving a call from Brother Steve invited him to come share with us about what the Lord was doing in his life.

He spoke at our 10:00 am service on Fathers Day Sunday and the power and Glory of our gracious God fell in the house. The morning service ended at 4:30 pm we reconvened at 6:00 pm and the evening service lasted until 4:30 am Monday morning.

We are currently having services Wednesday through Sunday and prayer on Tuesday night. God has blessed us with roughly 19,000 souls birthed into the Kingdom. People are continuing to pour in from all over the United States and the entire world.

We have had visitors from Russia, Europe, Africa, India, Australia, South America, Mexico, Guam and the list goes on. We receive reports continuously of God moving mightily as these hungry pilgrims return home. The call to personal holiness is astounding, the level of commitment to the things of God unprecedented.

We are still in awe that he has done this in our midst. Please pray that he will continue here as we stay humble before Him. We pray his richest blessings on you in Jesus name.

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In the Anointed One,

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