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A visit to Pensacola

Cynthia A Hilton

In September of 1966 my husband, Coogan, myself, my mother in law and my sister in law left Texas for Pensacola. We had heard about the revival and wanted to find out what was going on since none of us have ever experienced anything like that.

Coogan fasted for a week before he went because he wanted to receive all he could from the Lord. Coogan, his mom and sister in law had all been raised Baptist, I was raised Catholic. Coogan and I had been going to an interdenominational church for ten years but his mom and sister in law have never been in anything but a Baptist church. We got hold of a book about the revival and gave it to his mom to read so she could be prepared for what was going on there She is 70 years old. Well, any way, we went and it was one of the most wonderful experience in all our lives.

My sister in law got knocked down in her pew when Steve Hill was praying for a women behind her. My mother in LA was awe struck by the whole thing. She knew that she was experiencing the presence of God like never before in her life.

I went down for prayer and came back with a physically manifestation. But my husband received nothing, or at least that what he thought. He chased the evangelist, Steve Hill and Pastor Kilpatrick all over the church and they would come right up to him and turn and pray for some one else. I have never seen anything like it before.

When he finally left Sunday morning. After two nights of this same thing. He was angry and felt like he had been truly rejected by God. We came back to Texas with him angry and me trying to tell him that Pastor Kilpatrick said that every one receives even if you do not feel it right away. He just looked at me like I was out of my mind.

A week later he was driving to work and decided to turn into a road when God started talking to him. God asked him if he felt rejected and left out Coogan said yes. Well God said - how do you think I felt all those years you rejected me and left me out of your life?. Coogan did not know what to say except that he was sorry and would God forgive him. God did, and he actually felt the presence of the Holy Spirit enter his body.

God had spoken to me when we were in Pensacola and said if Coogan would have chased after him as he was chasing after the evangelist and the pastor he would of received all God had for him right there. I did not tell Coogan this right away, but after he experienced what he did in the car I then told him.

Coogan now looks different and acts different too. He had been in Vietnam and had a real hard look on his face he was never happy always very moody but the biggest part of that has all changed.

I thank God for the revival in Pensacola, I thank the pastor, the evangelist, and all the people involved in this great revival for submitting to God and allowing him to move in such a might way.