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For the last three years I have been training to be a full time missionary. The church where I was training for missions was not open to the Holy Spirit moving. In fact, they did not encourage the gifts of the Spirit. They did not profess them to be unbiblical they just never would talk about it.

Anyway, while I was overseas in 1995 God spoke to me loud and clear. He told me that I was going to leave my church and that He was going to turn my life upside down.

To make a long story short, God led me to Hawaii where I met with a leader in YWAM that told me that God wanted me to reach out to thousands of people. That God had given me gifts that He wanted me to use.

If I wanted to go overseas and reach small groups at a time I had God's blessing, but his desired will was that I use what God had given me and reach more people for Him. I returned home and within about five months I found myself at Marysville First Assembly of God.

My sister attended that church and asked me to visit. The Pastor of my current church at the time was visiting and speaking that night. I returned later that week because I sensed the Holy Spirit there. However, I was very critical of everything.

The Pastor was praying for people and they would fall over. I knew in my mind that this could be taught or it could be genuine. I listened to his sermon very carefully to see if he was right on. (He was) At the end of the service when he was praying for people he asked who wanted more of God.

A bunch of people raised their hands, but one lady in the back of the auditorium stood out in the isle and started to worship God.

The pastor stayed where he was at the front and began to pray for her in the back. As he prayed I felt the Holy Spirit go through me, three times. It was like he would pray and they Holy Spirit would go out to her and pass through me at the same time.

She was overpowered by God and fell over. I began to cry. It had been so long since I had felt the love of His Holy Spirit.

That night I went home. God showed me that my heart had been starting to harden to His Presence. He gave me a vision of my heart made of wood. I began to pray that God would soften my heart. I returned to the church again. This time God really worked in my heart. He cleansed me of all sin I was in, He called me to true repentance and set me free of bondage.

While I was on my face before God, the strangest thing began to happen. My hands started to burn. All I could do was stare at them, I didn't know what God was doing.

I also heard him speak to me. He said, "I am going to use you to heal people, and I am bringing you your husband."

I knew that this would be a true test to see if I heard God's voice as both of those things in my mind were impossible.

The next week the pastor came up to me and asked if he could pray for me. He gave me two words from God. One was that God was going to use my hands in ministry and the other was Proverbs 20:4 God was going to give me the desires of my heart.

I began to cry. I told him "You don't understand, God told me that he is going to use me to heal people." As soon as I told him that I began to shake.

Since then God has confirmed to me in many was that He is going to use me to reach out to thousands of people. God has begun to use me to heal people. It has been an exciting experience.

We also had a guy with the gift of prophecy come to our church. He prophecies over me that God was going to use me to heal people. He also prophesied over my sister too. I have a neice that was born without part of her brain, she has seizures, she's blind, she can't swallow etc.

He said that God is going to heal her, this was a confirmation, God had already told us that. He said that she is going to dance one day and that she'll say that "doctors said I would never walk, talk" etc. He also said that God would use me in this healing of my neice -

God has already begun this great miracle. In fact, I was on my way to prayer group the other day when I was overcome by the Holy Spirit. I began to shake - I had been praying for the gift of faith to pray for her, and God had been telling me to go and pray for her. I drove to my sister's house crying and shaking, I ran to my neice and began to pray. I know that God touched her. (It's hard to see what God does when the healing is on the inside)

Eight doctor's have given up on my neice and said they think she'll die. But God hasn't given up on her and He's gonna use her for His glory.

I could not even begin to tell what God has done in others lives. So open up your hearts wide to what God is doing, hold nothing back and settle for nothing less. God wants to use you. Let go of everything and let God put His hands on your life and you'll never be the same. I'm not! It's ok if others think your crazy - they thought Jesus was.

It's amazing how easy it is for Christians including myself to get comfortable in this world, going to church on Wednesdays and Sundays reading the bible but not desiring more of God and to be a doer of the word.

One more thing. Before God did all this in me I had only half of a relationship with God. Example: It was like if I was married, I had knowledge of that marriage and I even lived out that marriage. But I never listened to my husband or allowed Him to touch me and I never touched Him.I was walking around with half a relationship. Thanks for letting me share.

Thank you,
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