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Coming to Christ

by Tony Whittington

My story is kind of different from the others, because I always new that God was there, but while He was actively seeking me, I was actively seeking the world.

One morning, my wife got up early and said to me,

"I am going to church with the kids, are you going to come?"

I told her no, and laid in the bed, thinking about how sorry I would LOOK if she showed up at this church with MY kids, without me. I, very reluctantly, got up, got dressed, and went to church.

It was one of the most painful days in my life. I realized later, that it was a pain that I had so much learned how to live with, but never quite this strong. The pastor at this church was always on my back, and I actually kept going to church, just to make him "mad."

As time went on, I couldn't stand it anymore, and dedicated my life to Christ. Since that day, approximately 2 years ago, I have seen what I feel is the lowest point I have ever faced in my life. But, with Christ, I know why.

God humbled me so much, until that little voice of doubt in the back of my head had no other excuse but to put total and complete faith in God. Once I done that, my life has changed drastically.

I asked God for a workplace where I could have the time to actively seek him, to pray, and to read. I asked that God show me his complete and total will for my life, and made a promise to obey. BOY, DID I HAVE ANY IDEA. Now, 2 years later, I am self-employed, have time to serve and worship more than I could have ever wanted.

I am the Youth Minister at our church. When I became youth minister, we had approximately 8 active youth. In less than one year, God has opened the door for us, and we now have approximately 35 ACTIVE youth. God is so great, caring, and loving. I only wish people could see what I feel. If you do not know him, you don't know life.

Love in Christ
Tony Whittington