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God works over time

Thomas J Roubik

Recently one late afternoon after a hard day at work I was lounging around the indoor pool at our apartment indoor pool.

The only other person in the pool area was a workman there installing new ultra violet tanning lights. I watched the workman complete the installation and then leave.

I then decided that it was entirely appropriate that I have the honors of the first use. I turned on the lights and spent about 7 - 8 minutes under this thing without eye protection.

These lights give off little or no heat. The lights suddenly went off. I immediatly tried repeatedly to turn these lights back on.

Suddenly I heard a calm authoritative voice say this light will work for anyone but you. I quickly turned to see who said this and there was nobody anywhere in the entire pool complex.

I again tried to turn on these lights, with no success. I then went back to my apartment scratching my head.

Several hours later I developed a MAJOR sunburn which was very painfull. My swelled shut to the point that I was temporarily totally blind. My wife had to drive me to the hospital emergency room.

The doctor said if I would have had 1 or 2 minutes more this blindness would have been permanent !

I did heal up, thanks to this Godly intervention. I know he lives, and I know I can count on Him..... So can you. Sometimes God has to work overtime to protect us from ourselves.

Thomas Roubik, Webmaster
The Cyber Church