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| Author: Dele Oke

Learning from our fathers

Patriarchs [Pay trih arks] - means head of a fathers house.
In the Bible this normally refers to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and his twelve sons, although David is also included in this list (Acts 2:29).

We can learn many things from the lives they lived.

Abraham - Genesis 12
Fear drove him to Egypt when faith would have feed him in Canaan. How often has feared delayed or stolen God?s will for our lives.

Isaac - Genesis 24
His servant showed drive yet mixed it with respect and honour for the people he met. The servant let nothing deter him from his God given mission. Some people lack drive and go nowhere. Others have so much drive they don?t care who they drive over in order to reach their destination. Notice the respect and honour this servant gave to Rebekah and her family.

Jacob - Genesis 25 - 27
Jacob wanted everything so badly no one else mattered. He was so busy chasing his goal he forgot his soul. He had to face his faults and deal with his character before laying hold of God?s will for his life. Success is not what you own but what you are.
Learn how to judge yourself.

Fear, drive and character. Fear comes from the enemy - resist it. Drive comes from within you - use it. Character comes from God - embrace it. You need all three to succeed.

More to come