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| Author: Dele Oke

Esau and Jacob

Genesis 25 to Genesis 33


The life of Esau is full of choices he must have bitterly regretted. He made decisions based on the need of the moment without inasmuch as pondering the long term consequences. Exchanging his birthright for a bowl of stew ; and choosing wives in direct hostility to his parents wishes, are examples of his flawed decisions.

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are among the most important people in the old testament. You should study their individual lives if you want a good understanding of faith and walking with God. There importance is not based on their personal characters but upon the nature of God and their commitment to Him.

These were all ordinary men capable of lying, deceit and selfishness. Jacob was a cheat and a deceiver. Indeed his name means "one who supplants, undermines or grabs. He fled from home having taken his brothers birthright. Jacob later got a taste of his own medicine : being deceived by Laban.

Study 1

1. Isaac's twins sons - Genesis 25 : 19 - 34

a. Who were the parents of Esau and Jacob ?

b. How long did Isaac have to wait for children ?

c. Why does God sometimes allow us to wait before he answers our prayers. Try to find scripture to support your answer?

d. Esau sold his birthright. What does this mean ?

Esau despised his birthright: how do we as Christians today despise our birthright?
Hint Hebrews 12:12 - 17, 2 Cor 11 :3

Study 2

2. The blessing of Isaac - Genesis 26 :34 to Gen 27 : 1- end

a. Why were Esau's wives a grief to Isaac and Rebekah ?

b. How can we grieve the Holy Spirit?
Ephesians 4 : 25 - 32

c. How many lies did Jacob tell in stealing Esau's blessing from Isaac?

d. What lessons does this teach us about the power of the tongue?
Proverbs 18 : 21 Mark 11 23 - 24

Study 3

3. Jacob's dream - Genesis 28:1-end

a. What was the name of the place where Jacob had the dream?

b. Does God still speak to us through dreams?
Judges 7:13-15, Matt 1:20, Matt 27:19

c. Can we understand our dreams?

d. Are there other sources that can make you have dreams ?

e. What promises did God give Jacob in his dream ?

Study 4

4. Jacob gets married - Genesis 29 :1-end

a. What was Rachel's occupation?

b. Who was Rachel's older sister ?

c. Explain what happened in verses 22 - 27 ?

d. Laban loved Jacob (Verses 13 - 14) Why did he deceive him ?(verse 25)

e. Jacob served 14 years for two wives. Do you think he got a fair deal ?