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| Author: Dele Oke

Tithes - Where should they go

In part two on our series on tithing we mentioned about accountability and management.

Having considered the importance of tithing and the issues of accountability and management, the next logical issue is - Where should our tithes go? Or as someone asked:

"Should a Christian pay all his or her tithes to the same church or ministry"

The Bible is silent on this issue. Although that is not strictly true since the Bible does not refer to different denominations. All those who call upon the name of the Lord are the church.

There is a general rule of where tithes should go. However there is an exception.

Let me explain it like this. Where do you pay your taxes?

Well, if you live in the USA you probably pay tax to the State where you reside.

Someone living in Florida would not pay tax to the state of California. Except, of course, if they had some property or financial interest there.

You pay your tithes to the Church or fellowship that you are part of and committed to. If you are 100% committed to that Church and it is operating in the three main areas as mentioned in our series under our study on - tithes part 1, then there is nothing stopping you from giving 100% of your tithes to that Church (or ministry or fellowship). You can freely scatter your offerings to any other ministry that God lays on your heart.

That would be the general rule.

However, the exception might arise where you are fully committed to a church as well as another ministry involved in some kind of full time 'helping the poor' or evangelism.

In an ideal world the local churches are supposed to support such ministries. But often God would direct individuals to support them directly. If God has laid such on your heart then please obey.

Remember, tithes are a starting place. One tenth is the least you can give.

Those of us who have been called to support more than one Christian venture financially will never do justice to 'God's call' if we stay religiously to one tenth - splitting it equally down the middle and giving it to relief our conscience.

God loves a cheerful giver. Not one who has to be reminded every Sunday to give by the Pastor.

The summary is this

Giving is a ministry in itself. The more you give the more you will be blessed. Once you can break free from the 'only one tenth' giving mode supporting more than one Christian organization will not be a problem.
Start by supporting your local Church. As God lays it on your heart to give elsewhere - do so. But not at the expense of your local church.

Where a Christian should give his or her tithes to will not be an issue once he or she starts to give, as God would want.

Are you investing in the kingdom of God? Matthew 6: 19 - 20