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Published / updated: 15 August 2006 | Author: Dele Oke

Acts of the Apostles: Summary: Chapter by Chapter

The Acts of Apostles gives us a unique insight into how the Church began. To make the picture abundantly clear, God has given us a hand picked record of the activities of the Early Church.

There is no single chapter that does not exhibit God's power and wisdom in operation. Below is a very brief summary. It should leave you in no doubt of God's intention for His body.

Acts 1
Jesus promises the Holy Spirit (verse 8) to the disciples and ascends to heaven before their eyes. Matthias is chosen as an Apostle to replace Judas.

Acts 2
The outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Peter gives an anointed and prophetic sermon. About 3,000 souls are added to the Church. Signs and wonders follow.

Acts 3
Peter and John are used by God to heal a lame man at the Beautiful Gate. Peter preaches under the anointing.

Acts 4
More people believe the word and are added to the Church (verse 4). Peter and John are arrested. They radiate the boldness of Christ. The Apostles are filled a fresh with the Holy Spirit (verse 31). The Apostles preach with great power.

Acts 5
Ananias and Sapphira lie to Peter (and the Holy Spirit) and fall down dead. The Apostles display signs and wonders. The sick and those oppressed by evil spirits are healed (verse16).
The Apostles are arrested and released from prison by an angel (verse 18).

Acts 6
Stephen, full of faith and power does great wonders and signs among the people (verse 8).

Acts 7
Stephen's anointed sermon. He sees Jesus standing on the right hand of the father. He becomes the first martyr.

Acts 8
Simon the sorcerer is saved. Philip does miracles and signs. Peter and John go to preach in Samaria and the Holy Spirit falls on some people. The Holy Spirit leads Philip to the Eunuch from Ethiopia. The Eunuch is saved. The Holy Spirit carries Philip away to Azotus.

Acts 10
Cornelius sees a vision (1) Peter sees a vision (9) The Holy Spirit falls on Cornelius household.

Acts 11
The disciples first called Christians at Antioch
Paul defends himself to the Apostles in Jerusalem. Barnabas is sent out. Many people added to the Lord. Agabus prophesies about a great famine throughout the entire world.

Acts 12
James is killed and Peter is arrested. An angel rescues Peter. The church goes into continuous prayer for Peter. Herod is struck by an angel and eaten by worms. God's word grows and multiplies (24).

Acts 13
The Holy Spirit asks for Barnabas and Saul to be set aside for God's ministry. Here starts their first missionary journey (2). Saul now called Paul pronounces judgement on Elymas the sorcerer. Elymas goes blind for a time (11). John leaves Barnabas and Paul, returning to Jerusalem.
Many people added to the church through Paul and Barnabas' preaching.

Acts 14
Signs and wonders done by Paul and Barnabas (3). They flee a violent attack. Paul heals lame man in Lystra crippled from birth. Paul stoned and left as dead, the disciple gather round him, pray and he revives (19).

Acts 15
Certain men preach circumcision as a requirement for salvation. The Holy Spirit directs the apostles not to accept this (28). Paul and Barnabas set out for their second missionary journey (36)

Acts 16
Paul meets Timothy, circumcises him and take him along on his missionary trip. Paul encourages the church. The church increases in number.
The Holy Spirit forbids Paul to preach in Asia (6) and in Bithynia (7). Paul receives vision to go to Macedonia (9). Lydia is saved (14). Evil spirit of divination cast out by Paul (18). Praise and worship release Paul and Silas from jail (v26). The jailer's household are saved (v33).

Acts 17
Greeks join Paul and Silas (v4). The Thessalonicans show a commendable desire to search the scriptures personally (v11). Many believe (v12) and several are saved (v34).

Acts 18
Paul makes tents (3). Many believe the gospel (8). Paul has a vision (9) Apollos is equipped (25). Paul sets out on third missionary journey (22)

Acts 19
Some disciples receive baptism of the Holy Spirit for the first time. Paul does unusual miracles. Seven sons of Sceva try to cast out demons. Many saved. God's Word grows (18, 20). Demetrius causes riot.

Acts 20
Eutychus raised from the dead (9) Paul exhorts brethren.

Acts 21
Paul warned not to go to Jerusalem by the Holy Spirit (4). Philip the evangelist has four daughter who prophesy (8) Agabus prophesies what will happen to Paul in Jerusalem (11) Paul beaten by a mob and arrested by soldiers.

Acts 22
Paul tells of his conversion.

Acts 23
The Lord appears to Paul at night.

Acts 24
Felix touched by Paul's anointed speech (25).

Acts 25
Paul witnesses to Agrippa (23).

Acts 26
Agrippa perceives that Paul is innocent(30).

Acts 27
Paul warns shipmates of dangerous trip, but is ignored (9) An angel appears to Paul telling him about the trip (v23)

Acts 28
Paul survives vipers bite (4-3)
Paul heals someone with fever and dysentery (8)
Paul preached another anointed sermon and more believe the gospel (24)