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| Author: Dele Oke

Acts Chapter 8 - questions for discussion


1. What was the outcome of Philips preaching?
Acts 8:4-8

2. Remember, Philip (and Stephen) had been chosen to serve tables (Acts 6:5). How do you think he got into evangelism?

3. What opportunities do we have to share the gospel today?

4. How can God increase the sphere of our influence?

5. What earlier action opened the door to Philip's ministry?
Acts 8: 1-4

6. How can God use ?seemly negative? circumstances in our lives today for His glory?

7. Can you give any practical examples?

8. What changed the heart of Simon the sorcerer?
Acts 8:9-13

9. The Holy Spirit had not fallen on people of Samaria during Philips ministry. Acts 8:14-16. However He (Holy Spirit) was ministered through Peter and John's ministry Acts 8:17-18. Why do you think this was the case?

10. What did Simon see? Acts 8:18, Acts 2:4, Acts 10:44-46.

11. What physical manifestations do we witness during the filling of the Holy Spirit.

12. What roles did
- an angel (Acts 8:26)
- The Holy Spirit (Acts 8:29, 39)
play in Philips ministry?

13. What role does the Holy Spirit and angels play in our lives today? Hebrews 1:14

14. What scripture was the eunuch reading from?
Acts 8:32-33

15. What else does this scripture tell us about Christ?
Read the whole of Isaiah 53 and shed more light on it in the light of
Acts 8: 32-33.

16. What did the eunuch have to do before being baptised (Acts 8:37)

17. Can you explain what 'being saved' means?

18. When should we get baptised with water?

19. What happened to Philip in verse 39?

20. Do things like this still happen today?