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Published / updated: 05 July 2009 | Author: Dele Oke

Your inheritance in Christ

Who you are in Christ Jesus?
Seven truths from Ephesians 1

  1. We are blessed in every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ. Eph 1:3.
    In other words, every provision for your physical health and welfare. Your spiritual needs, including victory over sin and fear and failure have already been met in Christ Jesus. This sums it all up. The other points that follow break this down more.

  2. We are holy and without blame Eph 1:4
    God sees us as being holy. He has made provision for us to live without blame and above sin. Don't let the enemy deceive you otherwise. Don't allow the enemy to pull you down to his level.

  3. We are accepted in the beloved Eph 1:6
    We are totally accepted, loved and cherished by God. You are an important person to God. He thinks of you every day. You are a citizen of the heavenly Kingdom and have the right to represent it on earth. You are the envy of hell and delight of heaven.

  4. We have an inheritance in Christ Eph 1:11
    Some people die and leave their wealth behind. When you die you just come into it. Don't limit your ambitions and strengths to earthly things. Keep your eyes on eternal values.

  5. In Christ you heard the truth of the word and were sealed with the Holy Spirit Eph 1:13
    God's word and the Holy Spirit were given to you for your personal correction, edification, and guidance. They keep you in fellowship with God. They meet a specific need in your life. The Holy Spirit is evidence of your inheritance in Christ.
  6. By praying, we can increase the spirit of wisdom and revelation Christ has given us. Eph 1:16-17
    Prayer opens the eyes of our understanding and causes us to see and receive more of our inheritance.
  7. In Christ, we are seated above all principalities and powers and might and domain, we are above every name that is named in this age and that which is to come Eph 1:21-23
    No power of darkness has any hold over us. Remember this truth the next time Satan comes fishing for your soul.