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| Author: Dele Oke

The Road to Emmaus - part 1

Luke 24:13-35
The experience

As the two men conversed along the seven-mile journey to Jerusalem talking about all that had happened to Jesus, the Lord Himself came along side them. They were to have an experience with the Lord Himself. It is no coincidence that the Lord appeared to them as they talked about Him.

It is still true today, as we listen too and read the Word of God we are bound to have an experience with the Lord. These two men did more than just listening.

They were so engrossed about the facts of Jesus life and death that they took the trouble to repeat the story to Jesus again (Luke 24:19-24). This is meditating.

Nevertheless, they still had to go further in their pursuit for the truth before their divine guest would reveal himself.

Jesus began speaking to these two men about the words of life. Yet somehow their eyes were still restrained from knowing Him (Luke 24: 16). It takes the grace of God and the enlightening of the Holy Spirit to get a revelation from the Word. However, revelation from God's word comes naturally to those who learn how to meditate.

Reflecting - digging deeper

For these two men, their breakthrough came when they 'constrained Him' to stay with them (Luke 24:29).

We constrain the Lord with our persistence in seeking Him.
Jesus words to them on the way no doubt played a big part in giving them a longing to entertain this 'mysterious guest' (Luke 24: 29).

We constrain the Lord by dwelling in His word. Let it bounce off your tongue and run around in your mind.

We constrain the Lord by making room for Him in our lives. The guest these men entertained without planning for it must have presented them with some inconvenience.

Reading God's word gives the Holy Spirit the opportunity to plant a hunger and desire for God in our hearts. Jesus Words to the two men as they walked along the way gave them to desire to want him to stay with them that night.

Reading God's word leads to meditating and meditating opens the door to revelation.