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| Author: Dele Oke

The Road to Emmaus - part 2

Luke 24:13-35

Making sense of it - revelation

Jesus does not want to leave us with a shallow experience of His glory, but a tangible and reliable experience of His presence. The Lords seeming reluctance to stay with the men that night was a merciful mission to draw a deeper thirst for His presence out of them. He led them to the place where they would have enough of His presence to influence the others. He broke the bread before their eyes (Luke 24: 30).

Suddenly they knew the Lord in a way that many of the other disciples did not. Jesus was alive and they knew it.

When Jesus vanished from their presence (Luke 24: 31) the bread He broke remained on the table. Those men had evidence to prove the Lord's presence. In fact, the revelation of His presence brought physical strength to their weary bodies. They walked back the seven miles to Jerusalem that night.

As you meditate on the word it will bring physical strength to your body. The things God reveals to you will remain with you long after 'good feeling' and 'goose bumps' have all gone.

Changed life

When those two men walked on the public road their hearts burned from His presence (Luke 24:32). Something many of us have witnessed in Christian gatherings and worship times. There is something special about Christian fellowshipping together.

But the real 'pearl' was saved for when they got home. Absolutely nothing can take the place of sitting down with the word and Lord. Let Him break the bread before you.

As you take time to meditate, taking on inconvenience to your physical body in order to entertain the Lord. The Lord will break the bread.

As those two man walked back to Jerusalem that night they were no longer tried and sad. They had more of the life of Christ in them. They were strengthened in their inner man. Jesus was no longer walking with them but in them.

Have you seen the Lord break bread today? Or does the warm feeling of His presence satisfy you.

God's word lives and abides forever.

Take time to meditate.