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| Author: Dele Oke

Talking to the Father

Hebrews 4:16 Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. (NIV)

All children like to talk to their parents. The strength of a family lies in the fact that they love one another and can encourage and support one another. A family should be a place of protection.

By talking together as a family we can equip one another to face the world. When family members do not talk with one another they forfeit one of the vital privileges of being a family

Prayer is talking to our father. When we pray we approach the throne of grace (unmerited favour) and mercy (compassion). God loves to show us grace and mercy. The way to receive this grace and mercy is by praying.

Jesus died to bring us back into relationship with God.
Because of the death of Jesus we now have access to our father.

When you pray simply tell God what you feel. God will also speak back to you.

When a baby is born he or she does not understand speech. Nevertheless the baby is able to communicate with the parents by crying.

The parents can normally discern what the baby wants. The parents also speak to the baby but initially the child does not understand it.

However, as the parents continue to speak to the child the words they speak begin to register in the child's brain. The child gradually starts to understand what the parents are saying.

God is a spirit and he speaks to our spirits (Hebrews 12:9) Initially when we start to pray it might appear as if we are not praying properly. However God, like a good parent, understands us.

You pray as you would talk to a normal person. As you spend time in prayer God will also talk back to you. Initially, just like a baby child, you might not understand or maybe not even hear God. Nevertheless you are being built up spiritually.

As you continue in prayer the words God speaks to your spirit will become clear to you mind. In other words, you will begin to understand the things God speaks to you.

Some people are quite quick to hear God. For others it may take some time.

Sometimes you will sense God speaking to you. It might appear as a gentle burden in your heart to share the gospel (the good news about Jesus) with someone. Or it might be that strong inner desire you sense to spend sometime praying about something.

Remember that your relationship with God is not based on your feelings. Jesus loves you all the time. The key to a fruitful prayer life persistence.

The more you pray the better you will become at it. You will also begin to hear God speak back to you more clearly.

Never give up prayer because you do not feel like it. This is a mistake a lot of Christians make. Imagine a child refusing to talk to her parents simply because she cannot pronounce words properly.

That child would never now how to speak. The same is true for us. As you continue in prayer you will start to see it change your life. The peace and joy of God will fill your heart.