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| Author: Dele Oke

Tips on maintaining a healthy spiritual life.

Here are a few practical tips on making time to maintain your fellowship with God. Always remember, your times of fellowship in the word and prayer with your heavenly father are your greatest assets. Jesus is risen from the dead. He expects us to fellowship with him.

1. Develop the habit of having regular time with God (in prayer, meditation and the word) either in the mornings, afternoons or evenings, which ever is most convenient to your schedule. Having a regular short time consistently is far better than no time at all. If you can make time to eat, you can make time to fellowship with your heavenly father.

2. If you travel to work by train or bus use the time to read the Word of God. This could involve good christian magazines and other books.

3. If you drive to work, or any other place regularly, use the time listening to audio tapes. This can involve christian music, teachings or bible readings. It will make the world of difference and help concentrate your mind on God. This always makes it much easier for you to hear Him speak to you.

4. If you walk to work on a regular basis you can prayer walk and also meditate on the word.

5. Develop the habit of studying something specific. Do not just throw your bible open and hope that it turns to a good place. Choose a topic for studying. E.g prayer or Joseph and stay on the topic for as long as it takes. This will give you a focus. Check our bible studies for some tips

6. Get a good church and be committed to it.

7. If you are involved in a lot of house work pray as you go about your activities. This is useful to get your mind off worrying. You can also do some meditating on the word as you work. Check here for some tips on how to go about this.

8. Start a family altar with your family. This would involve calling the whole household to a regular time of prayer. When Mother, father and children are all in the regular habit of spending time with God it will equip them for life.

9. At work, start a Christian fellowship at your work if you have the chance.

10. At work take occasional word breaks and prayer breaks. This could be as simple as going on prayer walks and or spending some time reading your bible in a quite place.

11. If you are single, getting a prayer partner might help your prayer life. If you are about to get married check here for some handy tips.

12. Set time aside for prayer and fasting. This could start as one day a month.

13. Keep a note book of things you receive from the scripture and when God speaks to you.

14. Most importantly keep your heart free from bitterness. Be quick to forgive.