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| Author: Dele Oke

God?s word for you in 2005

candles of hope

May the blessing of God be upon your whole spirit, soul and body.

May you know what it means to walk in harmony with the will of God for your life.

May the purposes of God be fulfilled in your life.

May God?s peace embrace and fill you.

May His unsurpassed power bring you the victory that Christ has already attained for you.

May God grant you the deepest desires of your heart as you bring your will and desire in tune with His will and desire for your life.

May the healing power of His presence bring restoration to every broken relationship in your life.

May God grant you a fresh revelation of His covenant promise to you.

May you know what it means to walk in peace and contentment within this world.

May you be a source of joy and happiness to many.

Above all, through your life may many come to a knowledge of Him who loves them.

God bless you in 2005 and beyond.

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