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| Author: Dele Oke

1 Samuel 2: 1-36

You can read this introduction before reading the chapter above.

Hannah's child has been permanently lent to the Lord. Chapter two opens with Hannah's prayer. Meanwhile Eli's sons were continuing unabated in their disregard for God's law. They were treating the sacrifices people were bringing to God's house with very little respect to put it mildly.

Samuel was learning fast. As a young boy he was ministering to the Lord. It's essential that we bring our children up to fear the Lord. Hannah received a blessing for bringing up her godly child while Eli received a curse for his ungodly ones.

Let's pray that God will grant us the wisdom to handle the responsibility He has given us in all areas of our life.

Please read 1 Samuel 2:1- 36 before starting the questions

How did Hannah express her gratitude to God for her child?

In what practical ways can we express our gratitude to God?

What does it mean to 'minister to the Lord'? 1 Samuel 2:11, 1 Samuel 2:18

Eli's sons were corrupt. Is it possible for someone to attend Church regularly and not know the Lord?

What evil deeds did the son's of Eli get up too?

How can we prevent our children and indeed our selves from getting corrupt?

What does it mean to fear the Lord? Psalm 2:11, Psalm 5:7, Proverbs 1:7

Samuel developed physically and spiritually. How can we as Christian do the same today?

What was the result of Hannah's faithfulness to God? 1 Samuel 2: 20

What was the consequence of Eli's disobedient and rebellious children? 1 Samuel 2: 27 - 36, 1 Samuel 4: 5 - 22

Name two things you have learnt from this study?