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| Author: Dele Oke

1 Samuel 4 - 1 Samuel 7

We will not be treating studies 4 to 7.
Please read them on your own. We go to chapter 8

1 Samuel 4

God's word to Samuel is fulfilled (see 1 Samuel 3:11-14.)
Ichabod is born.
The philistines have captured the Ark of God. This presents a big problem. How to keep property stolen from God?

1 Samuel 5 & 6

The Philistines keep the Ark for seven months. These are seven months of terror for them. Eventually, the priests and diviners advice them to send it away. Two nursing cows are chosen for the task. The cows bring the Ark to Israel and are then offered up as sacrifices for their trouble. The Israelites who look into the ark get killed for their lack of regard for God.

1 Samuel 7

Samuel leads Israel in a time of repentance. The Philistine chose the wrong time to attack Israel and are defeated. God gives Israel victory over the Philistines throughout Samuels era (v13)