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| Author: Dele Oke

Our saviour but not Lord - 1 Samuel 8:1-24

Samuel?s life had been an outstanding testimony of commitment, faith and dedication to God. But Samuel was now old and his children were an ungodly lot (verse 1-3).
For some reason Samuel?s children did not show his fear of the Lord. This failure on Samuel?s part became an excuse for the nation of Israel to ask for a king verse 5.

The Lord would still be their saviour: the one who brought them out Egypt, but they wanted a new Lord. Someone human who would direct their day-to-day activities and have authority over them. They had observed the heathen nations around them and longed for the same thing.

How many Christians do the same today? Jesus is our Saviour and forever will be unless we forsake Him - but we seek another Lord. Influenced by the world around us we tend to run our affairs as the world dictates and not as God wants. God gave the Israelites a king (verse 22). If we stubbornly insisting on having our way and doing our thing God will not always restrain us. Many times God?s people have stepped into things that He permits even though they are not the best for us.

Saul?s credentials were enviable from the world?s point of view (1Samuel 9:1-2) He was just what people wanted.

Maybe it is time you took an inventory of your life. God will bless us as much as we allow Him.

Are you knowingly walking in the wrong direction living on the little crumbs that fall from the masters table. Why not go and sit at the table with the Lord. Let Him dictate the course of your life.

The world might look attractive from afar but once you make it you friend and lord ... it becomes something else.

With regards to the Israelites - It all ended in tears

Don?t follow the same route