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Watch and Pray

We often find it easy to pray for situations and people close to us: our children, husband, wife and perhaps the situation at work. And then we get stuck!

We hear sermons urging us to pray for others, rebuking our selfish attitude to prayer. However, the truth is we honestly do not know what to pray about.

Driving to work one morning a few years ago, I began to ponder upon the situation that some of us find ourselves with regards to our prayer life, when suddenly it dawned on me ?Watch and Pray?!

To watch, is to be aware of what is going on. One way we can watch is to listen to the news, read newspapers, check the internet and then begin to pray about things that disturb us, or things that we feel need change.

So if you are finding it difficult to pray beyond your immediate surroundings, begin to ?Watch and Pray?.

Further Scripture reading: Colossians 4; 2, 1 Peter 4; 7