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| Author: Dele Oke

Acts Chapter 10 - questions for discussion

1. Was Cornelius a born-again Christian before Peter came?
Acts 10:1-16

2. Can Unbelievers (non-Christians) see angels?

3. What vision did Peter have?
Acts 10:9-20

4. What did the Holy Spirit say to Peter?
Acts 9:19-20

5. Has the Holy Spirit ever said anything to you?

6. How does the Holy Spirit speak to us today?

7. Did Peter consider himself to be more important than Cornelius?
Acts 10:24-26

8. Are we more important than others When God uses us?

9. Peter did not assume why he had been called but wisely asked (Acts 10:29)?
What lessons can we learn from this?

10. What was the outcome of Peter's preaching?
Acts 10:44

11. Why do you think they received the Holy Spirit so quickly?

12 What was the sign of them receiving the Holy Spirit?