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| Author: Dele Oke

Acts Chapter 11 - questions for discussion

1. Why was Peter confronted in Acts 11:2?

2. Peter explained the vision he had seen to the other disciples.
What was he doing when he had this vision - Acts 11:5?

3. Paul also had visions from the Lord.
What was Paul doing when these visions came?
Acts 26:12-19, Acts 16:9, Acts 18:9-10

4. When can we expect to receive a vision from God?
Remember, visions are only one of the ways God speaks.
He does not have to use a vision to speak to you but he can.

5. Why was the gospel only being preached to the Jews?
Acts 11:19

6. What prophecy did Agabus give?
Acts 11:27-30

7. What was the response of the Apostles to the prophecy?