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| Author: Dele Oke

Acts Chapter 12 - questions for discussion

1. What do you consider the main cause of Peter's angelic deliverance from prison?
Acts 12:4-5.

2. What great benefits for Gods kingdom would the church possess if we united in prayer?

3. What do you think the soldiers were dong as the angels ushered Peter out of prison?
Acts 12:6-12, Matt 28:1-5

4. What do you observe about the faith of those praying for Peter's release from jail?
Acts 12:13-16

5. Acts 12:15 makes us understand that the disciples were 'men and women of doubt and unbelief' just like us. Have you ever doubted God would answer your prayers after a prayer meeting?
How can we turn doubt into believing faith?

6. What judgement did Herod eventually face?
Acts 12:20-24

7. Can anybody ever succeed in fighting against God?

8. What things did you learn from this lesson?