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| Author: Dele Oke

Acts Chapter 13 - Questions for discussion

  1. Who separated Barnabus and Saul for the work of God's ministry?
    Acts 13:1-4.
  2. How should we get involved in the ministry today?
  3. Is an academic qualification essential for ministry?
  4. Would you say Paul's judgement on the sorcerer was harsh?
    Acts 13:6-12
  5. Do you think Paul's own experience influenced his action in Acts 13:11?
  6. How are we as christians to discern the time to call for God's judgement and the time for his mercy?
  7. When was Saul's first referred to as Paul?
  8. Saul was a changed man. How has Christ changed your life ?
  9. Was any reason give for John's departure? Acts 13:5, Acts 13:13, Acts 15:36-38
  10. Paul's sermon in Acts 13:13-41 shows his understanding and knowledge of the scriptures. Are you accustomed with the Old Testament ? Is the Old Testament still relevant to us today ?
  11. What was the outcome of Paul's preaching ?- Acts 13:42-52