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| Author: Dele Oke

Acts chapter 24 - questions for discussion


The last five chapters of Acts concentrate on Paul's captivity and the efforts of the Jewish religious leaders to have him killed. In Acts 24, Tertullus, an orator, is employed by the high priest to present a convincing case against Paul to the governor Felix.

Paul speaking in his own defence, places his focus on "the Way" (Acts 24:14) and preaches about the resurrection of Christ. He does it with joy and cheerfulness.

Paul was never concerned about the fact that his life was at stake. Rather he saw the whole scenario as a grand opportunity to preach the gospel to those in power.

Do you take opportunities God gives you to preach Christ.

Felix,the governor interrupted Paul's defence when he came to the resurrection of the dead (Acts 24:21-22). The resurrection of Christ from the grave is vital to the gospel of Christ. Those that stumble here cannot receive the salvation of Christ.

Felix later called in Paul again. This time Paul was no longer defending himself but giving a full scale gospel teaching on righteousness, self-centred and judgement (Acts 24:24-27). Again Felix interrupted Paul. This seemed to be Felix last chance to accept the gospel.

Felix did listen to Paul frequently again after that (Acts 24:26) but never is it recorded that he accepted Christ. Let us never get discouraged in preaching Christ even if it seems we are not achieving any results.

1. Who was Tertullus and what danger did he present to Paul?
2. Have you ever been accused wrongly?
3. How did Paul defend himself?
4. Did Felix understnd "the Way"?
5. How can you account for Felix attitude to Paul?