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Don?t introduce your children to church.

As Christians we have to be very careful of how we introduce the faith to our children. If you introduce children to church and not to a living relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ you may be breeding rebellion for the future.

Many children grow up and rebel because their perception of Christianity is wrong. Have you ever come across someone that said:
?when l was young my parents made me go to church and it was boring, l have never attended any church since l was 18 years?.
Some of these people don?t really have a revelation of who Christ is in their heart. They think that Christianity is about going to church, do this and don?t do that.

Yes church has a main role to play in Christianity, however the central part of being a Christian is having a living relationship with the Lord. Note the word ?living? not knowing about Him but having a revelation of Him in the heart.

Lets be honest, churches fail, doctrines change, and people disappoint.
Things that are not even supposed to be mentioned with our lips happen in the church. If you introduce your children to church and something bad happens, they become confused and leave the church. When they leave a church they may backslide because they think that they have left the faith.

However if they know Jesus personally, all they need to do is ask the Lord (described as our great shepherd), to direct them somewhere else where they can learn of Him.

Our walk is about Christ. As a parent or guardian, you must constantly evaluate whether or not your child has a personal relationship with God. At the end of the day, that is what matters. Does your child have a passion for God? Does he/ she have a revelation of who Christ is, or is Christianity a religion or church attendance activity?

Christ is the rock of our salvation. Doctrines change, people change, churches change but Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever Hebrews 13 v. 8.

Let Christ be the focus of your child?s faith.

Bisi Oladipupo
Posted November 2005