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Published / updated: 16 July 2005 | Author: 60

Out of court settlement

Most of us have heard of the term ''out of court settlement'. This simply means a person is being taken to court, or has the potential to be taken to court because of something that they may or may not have done. If the person being taken to court thinks that the other person taking them to court is justified in doing so they try and settle out of court.

This in most cases means trying to make peace before the hearing so that the alleged guilty person no longer goes to court, where they may have had to pay the full price / cost for their deeds.

It is wise to settle out of court especially when a person knows that they are guilty. This is because the consequence of paying for the wrong deed may be very costly.

Luke 12:58- 59 says: When you go with your adversary to the magistrate, make every effort along the way to settle with him, lest he drag you to the judge, the judge deliver you to the officer, and the officer throw you into prison.
I tell you, you shall not depart from there till you have paid the very last mite.

Without Christ, a person will be judged for rejecting him (John 12: 48). The only place to make a settlement is here on earth. For it is appointed unto man once to die, after that the judgment (Heb 9:27). There will be no avenue or room to make peace after death, for it will be too late.

As no one knows the appointed time, its only wise to make your settlement today - l mean now. God loves you so much that he has already made provision for your peace with him through Jesus Christ, for He is our peace Heb 2.14. Jesus has paid the price, he has already reconciled you to God, all you have to do is receive the finished work by receiving Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour.

It doesn't matter what you have done, for whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved (Romans 10:13). If you are reading this article, you are a ?whosoever?.

The message here is become reconciled to God before the appointed time that no man knows. Jesus has already done it (Romans 5.10) you only have to receive it. You are only guaranteed this moment, be wise and call upon the name of the Lord now.

Settle out of court now, before the appointed time when it will be too late.

Say this prayer:

Father l come to you in Jesus name. I confess with my mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and l believe with my heart that God raised him from the dead. I receive the accomplish work that Jesus has provided for me and according to your word l am now saved.

Thanks you for receiving me, l am now your child in Jesus name. Amen.