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| Author: Bisi Oladipupo

Keys to maintaining relationships

We all need one another. Life is about relationships and we need to know how to keep and maintain them.

Below are a few keys to keeping your relationships.

  • Appreciate and value your friends.

  • If you take your friends for granted you will eventually loose them.

  • Keep a diary of phone calls and visits especially if you are a very busy person. This may sound funny, but if you don?t, you will wake up one morning to find out that you have drifted apart. This is especially important if you have just met someone and you are just building the relationship.

  • Discuss any issues that may arise. If you have unresolved issues, deal with them and don?t hope they will just go away without confronting them. Unresolved issues may eventually ruin your friendship.

  • However high up you go in life, endeavour to keep your friends that were there for you before you became famous.

  • Respect people and don?t be rude.

  • Return phone calls, emails, text messages, acknowledge cards and gifts.

  • When you perceive that a person has an interest in you or wants to know you more, receive them and open up.

  • Give people allowances.

  • If a person asks for your phone number, give it to them and ask for theirs.
    Its show that you are also interested in pursuing the relationship.

Above all as much as relationships are important, your security must be in God.

Bisi Oladipupo

Posted 11 February 2006

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