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| Author: Dele Oke

Getting the most out of your SPOUSE

We all know how to spell spouse. We also have a good idea what it means.
Marriage is a wonderful institution created by God.
Unfortunately there are many people who wish they were never married.
The home has become a battlefield.

There are others who are enduring marriage.
God's purpose is for our homes and spouse to be a continuous source of love and encouragement.
If you can remember how to spell SPOUSE you will find it easy to remember the six tips below. They will help you in getting the best out of the relationship God wants you to have with your spouse.

Share your dreams and expectations

Play to your strengths

Omit the threats

Understand the differences

See your own weaknesses

Expression of views should freely be allowed


Share, play, omit, understand, see and express.
I am sure you could explain that another way.