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Published / updated: 28 March 2006 | Author: Dele Oke

Making time for loved ones

'O my, he looks just like his father'. How often have you heard some, or even yourself, making such an exclamation while admiring a newborn baby?

You too were created in the image of God (Genesis 1:26). God loves and cares for you. He has made the time for you by coming to earth and revealing Himself to you (1 Timothy 3:16).

When you love a person you will make time for them. Do you make time for the people you love? Our relationship with God and those dearest to us are the most important aspects of our life.

Bible study - group discussion

1. When we become Christians God pours His love into us - Read Romans 5:5. This gives us the ability to love people and especially those dear to us in a special way. Read 1 John 4: 20-21 and explain what it means?

2. Why do some people find it hard to openly express their love for those who they care for? What advice or admonition would you offer such people to overcome their inhibitions?

3. Read Acts 13:2. What does it mean to ?minister or worship? the Lord? What are some of the practical hindrances that prevent us from worshipping the Lord? What are the merits of making time for the Lord - Hebrews 4: 14-16?

4. If we accept that making time for God has much merit in it, why do we sometimes find it difficult? Can you give some pragmatic solutions to the problem of making time for God?

5. In the Old Testament Saul lost his donkey and God told him where they were - 1 Samuel 9: 1-6; 15-20. In the New Testament God warned Saul (now called Paul) what would happen to him in Jerusalem - Acts 20:22-24. When you love people you tell them things. Has God ever told you something that seemed insignificant? Why does God tell us things?

6. Express some practical ways we can show our love to people close to us.