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Published / updated: 28 March 2006 | Author: Dele Oke

Commentary on The Moneylender (Luke 7: 41 - 50)

The Pharisee named Simon (Luke 7:36, 40), the woman who wet and wiped his feet (Luke 7:37-38), and the other guests (Luke 7:48-49) were all listening as Jesus spoke this parable.

This parable would have challenged the judgemental attitude of Simon (Luke 7:39); encouraged and comforted the immoral woman (Luke 7: 37 New Living Translation) and probably rebuked the other guests who were watching on with a critical spirit.

The first debtor in the parable owed 500 day?s pay. The denarii, or silver as some versions put it, was a day?s pay for a labourer (compare Luke 7:41 with Matthew 20:1-2). The second debtor owed only fifty days pay.

The real point of this story is - how much did your sin cost Jesus? Maybe if we could put it in monetary terms we would appreciate his sacrifice more. The truth is that we should all be as appreciative as the first debtor who owed more. It is the nature of sin that makes it costly not the symptoms of sin. Sin is rejecting God. The symptoms of sin are the bad things we do.

Falling in love with God what makes us passionate believers. Murders do not necessary make better committed Christians. Jesus died for us because he loves us (John 3:16), we will serve him faithfully if we love him in return (Romans 5:5).

When Jesus spoke to the woman in Luke 7:47-48 he was acting out of the love he had for her. The woman?s act of washing Jesus? feet was her responds to Jesus compassion. She was the debtor who had been forgiven a lot - and she knew it. Apparently some people think they have only been forgiven a little (Luke 7:47). This maybe because they think their sins were insignificant.

A person who appreciates what Jesus has done for him or her will be prompted to do good works. We do good works because we are saved. Good works do not save us.

As we get close to Jesus in prayer, study of the word, meditation and even helping other people we will grow in our understanding of what and how much Jesus has done for us.