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Published / updated: 28 March 2006 | Author: Dele Oke

The Rich fool - Luke 12 (Questions)

Read Luke 12:13-15

A spectator in the crowd asks Jesus to act as an arbitrator (Luke 12:13). He gets an indirect rebuke from Jesus for his troubles (Luke 12:14).

At first glance it seems that Jesus was a bit harsh. However, as we follow the parable and bearing in mind the power of Jesus discernment you will observe that Jesus was not against genuine need but selfish greed.

It is often said that Jesus said more about money than anything else. This is true. Yet what is often not mentioned is that Jesus was warning and cautioning people against the greed that can come with money.

  1. Read Luke 12:14-21

  2. Explain the parable in your own words?

  3. Who was this parable addressed to?

  4. Is it wrong to be rich?

  5. What was amiss with the rich man?s desire to store more wealth? Notice verses 17-19.

  6. What did Jesus mean in verse 21?

  7. Read Luke 12:22-32

  8. Birds are always on the ?hop? for food. God provides for them? Psalm 147:9. There is nothing wrong with working and believing God for our provision. The main point in Luke 12:22-31 is that as God cares for the birds and grass (both of which have much shorter life spans than we do), he will also care for us.
    In the light of this - why do people worry? (Luke 12:31-32).

  9. When it comes to money, worry acts as an overwhelming fear that there will not be enough for the future while greed is an insatiable hunger for more. How can we find the right balance?

  10. Which do you think is worst - worry or greed?