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| Author: Dele Oke

Questions - Luke 1

Zacharias and his wife, Elizabeth, are both referred to as righteous and blameless. They were faithful servants of God who obeyed all the commandments.

Zacharias is an old man and his wife is 'well advanced in age' when an angel appears and tells him to expect a child. Zacharias must have looked over his shoulder.

God's word finally comes to past and Elizabeth has the baby John.

The ways of God have always looked strange to mankind.

Are you puzzled by some of the things God has allowed in your life despite you best efforts to serve Him faithfully? Don't despair. All things work together for good for those that love the Lord.


  1. Who wrote the gospel of Luke?

  2. What do we know about the author?

  3. Would you consider Zacharias and Elizabeth faithful servants of God?

  4. Do you think it was 'by chance' or by 'God's providence' that Zacharias found himself offering sacrifice in the temple?

  5. Does God still work within the different circumstances we find ourselves in today?

  6. What were the first words the angel spoke to Zacharias?

  7. Would you be afraid if an angel appeared to you?

  8. Have you seen an angel before?

  9. Do you think the angel Gabriel was being a 'bit too strict' when he struck Zacharias dumb for not believing?

  10. Would you find it hard to believe a message brought to you by an angel?

  11. Do you find it hard to believe the promises in the word of God?

  12. Did Mary find it hard to believe the words of the angel?

  13. Why do you think Mary hasten to go and see Elizabeth after the angel left?

  14. What practical steps can we take to help us to believe the promises of God?

  15. In Luke 1:67-79 we read the prophesy of Zacharias. Does God still give people the gift of prophecy today?

  16. Where can we use the gift of prophecy?

  17. What have you learnt from this study?