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Meditating on God's Word

After the death of Joshua Israel was ruled by Judges. Judges were people who were in close communion with God. They ruled the Nation of Israel as God's appointed leader. Their office and role was partly political as well as spiritual. The Christian discipline of meditating on the Bible, God's Word, is crucial for a healthy spiritual walk with God.

The Holy Spirit brings us into a new relationship with the father. It is the Holy Spirit who opens our eyes to see and receive the love of God. When we receive the love of God (i.e Jesus) we become born again; a new creation. This is the work of the Holy Spirit . ( John 3:5-8,14-21, 2 Cor 5:17-18)

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  1. Meditating - by reading, studying and memorising
    The most common hindrance to reading the Word is the perception that we are not understanding what we are reading. Spiritual growth is a gradual process. We did not understand everything about Jesus before accepting him as our Lord and Saviour. Simple fai

  2. Meditating by speaking the Word
    To meditate means to ponder, regurgitate, think aloud, consider continuously and utter something over and over again. (dictionary). This is exactly what we need to do with the word of God

  3. Meditating on the Word - by questioning
    When God asks a question it is never because he does not know the answer. Rather it is to get us to FOCUS on the answer. Questions focus the mind. The fastest way to bring your spirit, soul and body to focus on the Word of God is to ask yourself questions