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| Author: Dele Oke

Catch a Vision


Naturally speaking, vision means sight. A person with no vision is blind. A blind person walking unassisted down the road is prone to all kinds of mishaps. He cannot prepare,anticipate or focus on any of the obstacles that might be on the way.

The same is true of us Christians. In our walk with Christ we need to have a vision; an understanding that we have a part to play in the overall purpose and plan of God.(Phil 3:12)

A lack of vision (or purpose) on our behalf will result in an unprepared and non-focused walk. A vision less person will drift along in the Christian journey

Vision produces discipline

"where there is no vision, the people cast off restrain......" Proverbs 29:18

An athletic with a vision of winning a gold medal in the Olympics will restrain himself or herself from the indulgences of life and devote time to exercise or practice. A vision always produces discipline. Discipline is necessary if we are to be a disciple of Jesus.

A look at the disciples of Jesus

The disciples of Jesus only caught a vision of their purpose after the death of Jesus. This was one of the reasons why they were never really ripe for ministry during Christ's earthly life.

Lets take a close look at them

At the beginning of his ministry Jesus called several of his disciples out from the fishing trade (Luke 5).

About three years later after numerous miracles, sound teaching and practical experience these same disciples returned to fishing after the death of Jesus (John 21).

I have no doubt that if Jesus had not come to call them away (from fishing) again they would have remained full time fishermen. The past three years had certainly been a wonderful experience to them, but they did not seem to have any plans for the ministry now that Jesus had gone.

The disciples of Jesus were a very interesting bunch of people. Look at a few accounts from their time with Jesus

  1. They argued on who should be the greatest

    Luke 9:46, Mark 9:33-35
  2. John and James brought their mother into it. They requested their mother to ask Jesus for a high position in his kingdom. These men did not have a clue about what Jesus was here for.

    Mark 10:35-37, Matt 20:20-21
  3. John and other disciples forbade others from using Jesus name. There saw this as their privilege.
    Luke 9:49-50
  4. Some of the disciples (John & James) wanted to call fire down on the people that would not allow them to pass by the village. These were not humble men. They were power happy Luke 9:54
  5. Remember that all this time Judas was stealing money from the bag. John 12:3-6
  6. They was rivalry among them on who should be the greatest . This was after the Lord's supper. Practically hours before the arrest and death of Jesus

    Luke 22:24 Matthew 26:26-47
  7. Judas betrayed Jesus.

    John 18
  8. Peter denied him

    John 18:25-27
  9. Thomas doubted His resurrection.

    John 20:24-29
  10. Even after his death and resurrection they still expected him to establish a natural kingdom where they would reign.

    Acts 1: 4-7

Jesus built his church with these people. A miracle indeed!

No Vision

You can understand now why these people went back to fishing after Jesus death.They had no vision of their role in the kingdom of God. Indeed they had not even understood what Jesus had come to do.

They were expecting Jesus to establish some earthly kingdom that would do away with the Roman oppression of the day. They saw themselves as presidents, finance ministers and rulers in an earthly kingdom with Jesus at the top.

Then Jesus went to die! Their hopes must have been scattered!

Then He rose again!"

Catch the vision

The reality of the message He had been preaching for over three years must have finally dawned on them. Standing before them was the Son of God! But not for long. Before their very eyes they watched him ascend to heaven. ( Acts 1:9-11)

This time however, His going did not result in scattered dreams. At last they had caught the vision. They were to be his witnesses. God was going to continue the work through them.

Suddenly this group of people who were always manoeuvring for position and power became very disciplined. They had got a vision. Remember vision produces discipline.

Together they waited in Jerusalem for about forty days without quarrelling. They were not worried as time went by. Vision unites

When God poured out the Holy Spirit they were ready to receive him and move out for God.

Changed lives

Notice that their lives had changed because of the vision they had now got. Sound teachings are necessary. The Holy Spirit is essential. But without vision we can waste them all

Is the church not full today of people with sound teaching , full of the Holy Spirit but still accomplishing little for the Lord.

Why not ask God to give you a fresh vision today. Then your will and determination combined with the power of the Holy Spirit and God's Word will produce a force that nothing on earth or hell can stop. Go for it!