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| Author: Dele Oke

The passion of Jesus

For those who have never read the Bible, or just in case you have been a Christian for many years and are too ashamed to own up to the fact that you don?t know what the passion means, here is a simple explanation. Please read the Bible passages to get a complete picture.

The term ?passion? has rightly come to represent the whole account of the arrest, trial and crucifixion of Jesus in the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Acts 1:3 specifically refers to the passion (or suffering) of Jesus in this sense. There are several other passages in the gospels that talk of the ?necessity? of Christ to suffer such as Mark 8:31; Luke 17:25; Luke 24:26, 46 and Hebrews 9:26, to mention a few.

To gain a proper understanding of all the events that went on during the passion of Jesus you would have to read all the accounts in the four gospels.

Without opening your Bible see if you can narrate the sequence of events in the passion of Jesus. How well did you fare?

Events of the passion

The arrest of Jesus begins with the Lord?s Supper. Having shared his last meal with his disciples, Jesus hints at the inevitable betrayal. Judas ignores the warning and fades into the night. From here onwards the power of darkness slides into operation in a big way (Luke 22:22; Matthew 26:24; Mark 14:21John 13:21 ? 30).

The tragedy of Judas is often missed during the narration of the passion. Here was a man who had tasted of the gift of life. Yet he never embraced the meaning of it in his heart. Like the seeds that fell on rocky ground he exchanged eternal life for earthly wealth ? let he / she who reads take heed (Matthew 13:19-20).