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| Author: Dele Oke

God made sex a bestseller

and ADAM knew his wife ...." Genesis 4:1

The rest is history.

God made sex and no one can deny that it is a best seller. Pity He forget to put copyright on it. He would have made trillions by now.

Sex has always taken a prime slot in the affairs of mankind. The secular world and the lust of man have perverted the godly act of sex. The Christian world hardly talks about it and many people even think sex is equal to sin.

If God invented sex than maybe the advice He has given on the topic is worth reading

Love verses Lust

Love gives lust takes. Sex is a product of love. When sex is engaged outside the boundaries of love it becomes destructive.

The womb is the home to the foetus, the river is the home to the rushing water and marriage is the home to sex. Take any of these things out of their proper place and they will become polluted or destructive.

Marriage is a product of love and commitment. This is the proper place for sex.

Having sex

Sex God's way is a product of love not lust. Remember that lust takes. When one partner (married couple) engages in sex with the sole purpose of satisfying their lust (which has been prompted and stirred up by all the pollution and pornography in the secular media) more damage than good is done.

Indeed many sincere Christians have found themselves married to partners who seem to have an unsatisfying hunger for sex. Some of their sexual demands are also quite frightening. These demands have no feelings for the sexual benefits of their partners but are an attempt to satisfy their own lust which have never been checked or brought under the cross.

Sex should be fun. It is something to be enjoyed and looked forward to in the context of marriage. It is enjoyed most when it is prompted by love. A desire to fulfill your partner and bring pleasure.

If you feel that your married partner is not fulfilling you sexually it is something worth talking about. Let each person ask him / herself this question.

Are my sexual demands a product of love or lust?
Are my partners sexual demands a product of love or lust?

When we talk about lust in the context of marriage it is not a problem (or issue) of lusting after your partner (indeed I doubt if that is possible if you are really in love) but rather a problem of lusting after the pollution and pornography in the world and then trying to satisfy that lust in your marriage with selfish demands for sex which have the sole purpose of meeting your lust and not your partners needs.

When a man loves a woman he will delightfully desire to bring her sexual pleasure during sex. He will not rush it. What is the rush for! Good things take time. Nor will he (or she as the case may be) have copies of pornographic magazines hidden under his bed. They are just evidence of another problem. A problem of sin and demonic oppression. He (or she) needs to seek help.

The woman who loves her partner will relax in his presence. She will not be afraid to show her feelings. Real sex involves love, commitment, respect and sincerity. We will make that a topic of another article.

The benefits of sex

Dr David Weeks, a Consultant Neurologist at of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, United Kingdom, has published a book called Superyoung: the proven way to stay young forever.

His findings bring up some very interesting discoveries. Many of these are facts already established by the Bible, others are a bit questionable but nevertheless interesting.

Some of his discoveries stated that couples who have sex at least three times a week look and feel up to 10 years more youthful than their twice a week counterparts. Dr Weeks states that

"Pleasure derived from sex is a crucial factor in preserving youth. It makes us happy and produces chemicals telling us so"

Dr Weeks interviewed more than 3,500 people aged between 18 to 102 in Britain, Europe and the United States over ten years. His research found that a person's genes were responsible for 25% for maintaining youthful looks and behaviour accounted for 75%.

Sexual activity was the second most important factor behind physical and mental exercise in staying young.

Another interesting point he found was that promiscuous sex does not have the same benefit as sex in a long-term relationship. Those in strong loving relationships benefited much more from sexual activities than those not. (Evening Standard, 10 March 1999)

God made sex

God made sex and when we do it His way we see the real benefit.

We will explore this topic again in the future.

If you have any particular topic of issue you would like us to address please let us know

Bible references
1 Corinthians 7 (marriage)
Genesis 34 (The danger of lust)
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