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| Author: Dele Oke

The place of the blood

Exodus 3 to 13

Miracles (or signs and wonders) have their place in the body of Christ (Exodus 7:8-13). The blood however, stands in a class of its own when it comes to our redemption and warfare against the host of darkness.

Moses and Aaron showed Pharaoh a sign before the plagues commenced. Their rod became a snake and swallowed up the magician's snakes.

A rod turning into a snake is a peculiar miracle. It does not look very noble. It's the kind of thing a magician would love to do. Have you ever wondered why God used this kind of miracle? What does it tell us?

I think we can get the answer in Mark 16:17-18

"And these signs shall follow those who believe in My name.... they will take up serpents ........... " Mark 16: 17-18

The sign Moses and Aaron showed Pharaoh illustrates the fact that they believed in God's name (I am who I am - Exodus 3:14) and moved out in faith.

I believe God used this miracle because it represents God's promise to us believers today. Moses and Aaron definitely "took up" the snakes of those magicians (Exodus 7:12).
As we follow God's direction in faith, we will also see the signs in Mark 16:17-18 in our lives.

The main lesson here is that although the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the signs they produce are unique, important and powerful. The shed 'Blood of Jesus Christ' is in a class of its own. Satan can imitate the gifts but he can't withstand the blood. The gifts can't save a person, only the blood can. The blood of Jesus is special. It's unfailing, un-resistible to the powers of darkness. While the gifts can be imitated the blood is unlimited in power and authority.

Moses and Aaron used the miracle (or sign) to show Pharaoh they were from God, but the blood brought their redemption and that of Israel.

Only the blood can bring redemption.

We have already mentioned that the first and last plagues involved blood. The plagues are sandwiched between the blood. Indeed they speak about the power of the blood. One plague would have been insufficient to demonstrate the power and torment the blood has on the powers of darkness.

As we take a look at the plagues one by one we will appreciate their significance even more

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